About the Area

About the Area

The unique Burgas spirits fill up the scenic streets, green alleys, vivid people and buildings. You can find that at the Sea Station as well. The main character here is the local sea whose spirits can be seen comfortably from MAGAZIA 1. That’s the historical building, constructed in the far 1906 at Burgas port. One of the first buildings here is a bulk storage facility. It was built by a French company. It’s a one-storey and double-hulled building with the following dimensions: 90 x 30 meters. It has the logical name of MAGAZIA 1.

Its construction technology is extremely interesting. The model of building of the Eiffel Tower was followed – hence it was named after the famous French engineer and was called “Eiffel” metal structure. It includes cast iron columns with capitals, riveted frames, and riveted girders. Such metal structures are no longer built. This fact, combined with the age of the building - 112 years, provides it with the status of an authentic historical landmark.

The concept of preserving of MAGAZIA 1 for townsmen and guests of Burgas is rising. Structure, shape and volume shall be preserved and the building shall be adapted to take new public functions.  

Today it gathers and offers a variety of culinary experiences for each taste and occasion because everything is more delicious on the seaside. Come and enjoy it!

"It is no fiction for the sea and the happiness is existent."

- Hristo Fotev

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  • Port of Burgas
  • Free parking
  • Electric cars
  • 5 minutes from the Sea Garden
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DALIANA - Fish Restaurant

Some restaurants turn into a legend. This is one of them. Don’t you believe it? Just ask  the townsmen of Burgas. Here is the right place for all temptations related to the mouth with seafood, cooked by authentic recipes with love and high professionalism. Come and convince yourself... Dreamt and loved year-round place of sea delicacies, favourite of generations of Burgas townsmen, and the locals definitely know where the food is really worth. Fresh fish, taramа, seafood - whatever you would like from the kingdom of Neptune – it is here and it is prepared in tested and delicious recipes. Suitable location with two halls for corporate celebrations, Christmas and New Year parties, birthdays and other types of special events. Come with your family and friends to enjoy the authentic seafood!

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Sunrise or Sunset - it doesn’t matter, the landscape around MAGAZIYA 1 is worth contemplating at all times. The port silhouettes make a scenery for a memorable start or end of each day, and "Kafeto" /The Café/ has the excellent conditions to meet you both with "Good Morning!" and with "Good Evening!" (until midnight). If you need to recharge, relax or just have a nice place to talk, meet or work with a laptop on hand, in the light hours of the day you can rely on good coffee, why not Viennese or cappuccino with lavender, jug of nosy tea, as well as a rich palette of fresh juices under the motto of "good morning", "detox" or "anti-flu". And when the sun starts making space to the dark side of the day, you can resume your spirits with grog, liqueur, aperitif or digestif, as well as with classic cocktails, a selection of classic whiskey, vodka, tequila, cognac or rum. If you also like tobacco, you will find a cigar-bar which has aromatic varieties from all over the world. It’s always OK to get away from your daily routine, slow down, inhale deeply the sea breeze and feel the embrace of the setting sun. It will probably be hard for you not to take at least one picture with your smartphone in order to stamp all this bliss around you. Come and enjoy it!

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PITSATA - Pizza Place

Here, in addition to the spacious sea views and the typical Burgas quietness, you can discover interesting culinary specialties, from the salads and starters, obsessing each guest. These are the smoked salmon with cheesecake and Fruttella salad, combining fresh salads with dried fruits and strawberries, sautéed tiger prawns with lemon dressing, and other interesting and delicious suggestions. The menu continues with the main dishes such as pork medallions with bourbon sauce and roast beef with herb potatoes. The menu continues with dominating Italian tastes. Suggestions for risotto, fresh pasta, lasagna, pizza and even grissini (Italian breadsticks) are also very attractive for each guest. The restaurant offers an impressive palette of pizzas giving its original name. It includes standard and familiar names such as Margherita, Caprichoza and Calzone; Bonifacio, Di Camo and Gusto Antonio, and sweet "Chocolina" with nutella, cocktail cherries and mint. Salads and pizzas cover also a wide range of suitable toppings and sauces. Special suggestions for kids include their favourite temptations, and the soup lovers can taste the selected soup of the day. Desserts present a brief selection of the most favourite sweets where anyone can find his/her favourite "Devil". “PITSATA” /PIZZA PLACE/ is a delicious location with Black Sea views and offers highly varied cuisine with an emphasis on temptations with Italian address. You can expect an inspiring taste and atmosphere which will conquer your heart and mouth ... Come and enjoy it!

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